Castle or cottage, city or country, your home is your sanctuary. It's a place to raise a family, entertain friends, live and more often these days, work. Americans spend an adverage of 65 percent of their time at home, in what is usually viewed as a safe haven. However, growing evidence suggests that homes may be detrimental to the health of their occupants, especially those with compromised lung function due to age, asthma, chemical sensitivities or other respiratory conditions.

TWR Services provides educational programs, materials and services to help consumers address this growing national problem. From radon testing to midigation, TWR Services will help make your home a healthy place to be.

Radon is a naturally occuring gas produced in the soil by the radioactive breakdown of uranium. Radon is odorless and invisible and is harmful to residents at elevated levels. Based on a national residential survey, the adverage indoor radon level is 1.3 in the United States. more...The EPA tells us how a radon mitigation system should be installed in a document entitled Radon Mitigation Standards.  These standard have been designed to ensure that the system will be safely installed, durable and effective. more...Answers to the most common radon questions: Where does radon come from? How do I found out if there is radon in my home? How can it be fixed? and more...

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